Find out what NASA will do with the baddies of the astronauts and win 30000

Although NASA has sent humans into space, it seems it has no idea what to do with their "bad"…

So NASA will award 30.000 dollars to anyone who can solve the problem with the astronauts feces.Astronaut Nasa

Astronaut Rick Mastracchio in a video asks us to "imagine a scenario where a crew on their way to the moon, encounters an emergency, when the vehicle begins to lose pressure in the astronaut cabin. The crew must quickly put on their space suits to protect themselves from the space gap. ”

"I can tell you that space flight is not always sparkling," says Mastracchio. "People have to go to the toilet, even on a spaceship. How can this waste problem be dealt with so as not to harm the astronauts or even kill them? ”

As the spacecraft can no longer provide protection, astronauts must have a space outfit to provide "clean air, water, shelter and several nutrients to live in up to six days" until they can safely return to Earth.

But what if there are droppings in the outfit? What will happen if a lady astronaut has her period?

Feces in a space suit can expose astronauts to infections and rot. Although NASA has the technology to send humans into space, it seems to continue to use outdated technology with "diapers" to solve this problem.

The problem is that in conditions of lack of gravity, liquids can become an amorphous mass and stick to surfaces while the solids are suspended in the air.

"You do not want any of these solids and fluids to stick to your body for six days," says NASA, reminding how easy it is for babies to get diaper rash.

So if you have any one that can help NASA, the deadline for submitting applications is 20 December.

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