NASA is considering "catching" an asteroid and dragging it around the moon.


NASA is seriously considering the idea of ​​"catching" an asteroid and dragging it around the moon.

Post to NewScientist reports that the Keck Institute for Space Studies in Caltech has submitted an ambitious proposal to create an unmanned spacecraft aimed at capturing a small asteroid.

The vessel will pull the asteroid to the moon and set it in motion so that it will be orbiting our natural satellite.

Researchers from the Institute said in NewScientist that NASA is seriously considering the project.

The mission is estimated to cost about $ 2.6 billion - just over the $ 2500 million currently being spent by NASA on Curiosity rover flights to Mars.

Many NASA designs and quite expensive. At the moment, NASA's official plans are for 2 manned space flights that will include sending a crew with a capsule, called Orion, around the moon. The Obama administration has also said it also wants to send astronauts to asteroids close to Earth. A proposed target, chosen because of its scientific value and favorable meeting conditions for an appointment, to be a space rock called 1999 AO10. The mission will take about six months and will be quite risky as it will expose the astronauts to long-term radiation beyond the Earth's protective magnetic field and guide them beyond the scope of a possible rescue.

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