NASA Earth interactive and free photo book

NASA Earth photo book: NASA has just released 168 pages of stunning images showing the atmosphere, water, soil, ice and snow from the perspective of a satellite. The interactive online version is free for everyone, and if you want to add the book to your personal library it will cost you 53 dollars.

NASA Earth photo book

The book is called Earth.

If you think the printed version of the project is meaningless to you, the interactive online version is available in the NAS Earth ObservatoryA. And if you must definitely get the book, there are free versions of PDF, MOBI (Kindle), and ePub.

The interactive NASA Earth photo book allows visitors to click on photos that are accompanied by descriptions and give a frame to the abstract images.

Click on the category of ice and snow, for example, and you will be presented with something that looks like a Rorschach inkblot test. The left-hand text explains that the image was pulled by Earth Observing-1 by 2010 and is the Mertz Glacier that flows between the East Antarctic icebergs in the South Ocean.

If you want to know more about a photo, you will find a link to the "full story", from where you will find additional references.

If you are wondering why NASA has such a project that clearly took a lot of work to create, the organization hopes that the Earth will “inspire others to explore, understand and appreciate the planet we call home (s.s .: from home ) ”.

The decision to offer free publications is an effort to reach out to those looking for solutions to major global issues such as changing freshwater availability, food security and human health.




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