NASA hacked: leaked employee data

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) today admitted it was hacked by hackers.

In a internal note sent to all employees, the organization said an unknown attacker gained access to one of the servers, downloading the personal data of current and former employees. Social security figures have also leaked, according to NASA.NASA

The organization said it discovered the hack on October 23, nearly two months ago. It's unclear why they waited two months before they warned their employees, but it is common for US authorities to ask hacked organizations to delay alerting victims who have been hit while investigating an incident.

NASA has confirmed that it is working with the federal authorities "to examine the servers and determine the extent of possible data leakage and to identify potentially infected individuals."

The organization is still not aware of the extent of the violation and the number of workers affected. In her memo today, NASA said she advised all her employees to watch out for a possible fraud.

"After identifying (the victims), NASA will provide specific information to those employees, older and present."

The agency said the hack investigation would "take time" and that it did not believe any of its missions would be compromised by the hack.


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