New Microsoft ad in Windows 11 Settings

A new ad was found at Dev of of which this time is on the home page of the Settings app.


Microsoft insists on placing in Windows 11 promoting Windows products and . First in Start and now in the Settings 11 game pass ad scaled 1 webp

Users certainly do not take kindly to these moves by the company, as they have called the ads intrusive and annoying and disrupting the workflow. Yes, yes scripts have also been released which by playing with the registry they make sure not to appear. The cat and mouse game has just begun.

This time a new ad appeared on the Dev channel of Insiders Preview Build 26120.470 (KB5037864) and it is located on the home page of the Settings app. It's for the GamePass subscription service.

On the official blog, Microsoft said:

Introducing a new Game Pass suggestion card on the Settings homepage. The Game Pass recommendation card on the home settings page will show you if you are actively playing games on your PC. We remind you that the home Settings page will only appear in Home and Pro versions of Windows 11 and if you are signed in to Windows with your Microsoft account.

Of course you can't remove it from the Settings app. At least not until a new hack comes out for her. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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