New PayPal application with personalized functions

Today, PayPal announced the new PayPal application with personalized features, offering customers the best complete solution for managing the electronic payments they are required to process on a daily or regular basis.

The new PayPal app is essentially a smart digital wallet, powered by PayPal's advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, with the goal of creating a unique experience that never ceases to improve and adapt. to the needs of each customer.

gr paypal digital wallet sept21

In addition, this new application provides PayPal customers with a single point to send to and receive money from friends, relatives, and businesses, to pay with QR codes for purchases, and to support various charities and charities. showing their interest in society as a whole.

The new app options menu includes a personalized checklist for regular review of each PayPal personal account, a payment management tab and a payment hub that includes sending and receiving money, international remittances, charitable and non-charitable donations. for-profit organizations, and a new technical feature, the two-way messaging that allows you to send confirmation notes or even thank you, after the relevant P2P transactions take place.

The new PayPal app, a smart digital wallet powered by advanced PayPal artificial intelligence and machine learning, aiming to create a unique experience that is constantly being improved to suit each customer's needs includes the following:

· Dashboard / Control Panel: The new PayPal app control panel is a personalized view of your personal PayPal account and features already in use, while also supporting the detection of new features in that app. The new dashboard also allows customers to take quick steps and take immediate action, as well as keep track of reminders.

· Payment Hub: The new Payment Node includes PayPal P2P payments and donation options.

· New Wallet: The new digital wallet experience facilitates PayPal customers in the process of managing payment tools through a central point, while at the same time they will be able to control the recent payment activity and other movements of their account.

Two-Way Messaging in PayPal App

The new PayPal app also introduces a new private two-way messaging feature, which will allow two users to communicate with each other after making a P2P money transfer to confirm receipt, to send a thank-you note, and and to validate the transaction details and other details, directly through that experience.

Two-way messaging improves peer-to-peer sending and receiving functions in PayPal, offering a new way of connecting and communicating between two PayPal customers when sending money to friends and relatives, as well as in transactions products and services. The launch of the two-way messaging for customers will begin internationally in the coming weeks.

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