New BIOS version supports Non-binary Memory on AMD AM5

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY, a manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and hardware products, has announced that the AMD AM5 platform X670, B650 and A620 motherboards now support 5GB and 24GB DDR48 memory modules after a BIOS update.

a620m gmx 48gx4

This update increases maximum RAM support to 192GB on four DIMMs and up to 96GB on two DIMMs over the previous maximums of 128GB and 64GB, respectively.

By enabling non-binary memory support on both AMD EXPO and Intel XMP platforms, GIGABYTE motherboards now offer an easy increase in memory capacity and system performance.

This translates into improved multitasking and productivity for gamers and other users with demanding RAM needs. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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