Necuno: smartphone with KDE Plasma

Following in the footsteps of Jolla, Helsinki-based construction company Necuno is preparing surprises. Nearly five years ago, Jolla, a company from a team of former Nokia engineers, turned to Sailfish OS to produce a viable Android alternative.

Jolla long ago abandoned the idea of ​​a mobile device but developers continue to work on the Sailfish OS.Necuno

Yesterday, Necuno unveiled details of a device it hopes to offer an open source alternative to smartphones running iOS and Android. Necuno is working with KDE, the company that develops the Plasma desktop for Linux and the Plasma Mobile interface.

KDE is also working with Purism on Librem 5, a smartphone that is considered more secure than Android.

Necuno is said to be building its device in Finland. It will have a 5,5-inch screen and will work with an NXP chipset (Arm Cortex-A9 i.MX6 quadcore) with Vivante GPU.

It will be made of aluminum and will have a 3,5 mm audio jack, a micro-USB port. It will run on a Linux-based mobile operating system using the Plasma Mobile interface. There are no details on the RAM and storage of the device yet.

Necuno also did not disclose pricing details, but said the phone would be available soon.

He also stressed that the first device will not have an LTE connection but that it plans to include an Ethernet port of some type.

"For obvious security reasons, our first devices will not include a cellular module, but we know how important it is to you. So we talk to providers to allow LTE and other wireless IP connections. In our opinion, being mobile is not the same as a mobile phone ", the company states on her blog.


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