Neknominate a dangerous game that scans in the US and Britain

Unknominate: One jumps in front of a passing train drinking an unknown beverage with a straw, the other goes surfing down a beer, another makes his need in a glass, which then fills with beer and drinks (!) Another takes his drink and jumps from a bridge to the sea, another climbs a tree drinking from a different drink on each branch. There are no ending videos that someone can find on youtube at the 'neknominate", The new online drinking game that has been sweeping over the past few months in the US and Britain (with legitimate fears that it will reach our places ...).

neknominate neknominate neknominate

In short, players are asked to drink a mono drink, while doing something dangerous, filming this madness and uploading it to the Internet (mainly on Facebook) after they have caused two other friends to do the same in less than 24 hours. It reminds of the popular ice bucket challenge, but instead of being bathed by the bucket, they drink it, and it is not for a noble purpose, as in the other case it was funding the research for the ALS (the rare disease that suffers from Steven Hawking). Instead, articles link the game to five deaths of people under the age of 30 in England and Ireland, including a London hotel worker who consumed a bottle of white wine, a fourth whiskey bottle, a small bottle of vodka and a beer can.

Although drinking games, including alcohol consumption, are as old as human beings and alcohol, their dissemination at the time of social networks is almost unchecked. The Neknominate sprang into Australia at the beginning of 2014 and very quickly through Facebook it has switched to countries that record high rates of alcoholism. Almost at the same time, another similar Bajjiu Challenge, in which users are also invited to make their own online appearances, has become popular in China. However, when Facebook was asked not to allow video and general content to be posted with hashtag #neknominate, the platform issued an announcement that "we do not tolerate content that is directly harmful, such as bullying, but behavior that some may find offensive or controversial is not necessarily against our rules." However, they urged users not to hesitate to report on the platform that they think they are more than the bent.

According to experts, the "disguise" of using alcohol in toys can have very negative results, especially in the youth population. Already the data on problematic childhood consumption in children in our country is alarming. According to the WHO, 30% of teenagers in Greece say drinking one alcoholic beverage once or twice a week. The average age for boys going to drink is 11 years and for 13 girls, while about 20% of adolescents admit to having drunk more than three times in a year. In all three of the most common causes of death at the age of 14-24, which are car accidents, suicides and murders, alcohol is highly involved.

The highest rates of frequent drinking (≥10 times) last month in pupils (13-19 years) are observed in the prefectures of Kastoria, Pieria, Evros, Halkidiki, Serres and Lesvos.


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