New Microsoft Store on June 24 with many surprises

The Microsoft Store (also known as the Windows Store) remains an integral part of the operating system from Windows 8 onwards. With the Windows Store, most embedded applications receive updates other than Windows Update. It is also a secure way for users to purchase, download, and install the applications they are interested in.

In terms of performance and number of applications, the Microsoft Store is a mess in Windows 10. It has application compatibility issues and most companies, including Microsoft, do not have applications such as Microsoft Teams or Visual Studio from specific store.

Microsoft seems to be finally getting ready for a new app store for Windows 11 with a redesign and many features friendly to developers and users in general. The new store will be announced on June 24.

Today, Microsoft sent out invitations to a special event for Windows developers on June 24.

windows store announcement

Of course we do not know how Micorosft intends to impress Windows developers, but the teaser suggests that this is something big. The event will be broadcast live on YouTube.

During the Build 2021 developer conference, CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that the next generation of Windows will offer financial opportunities to developers.

"We will share one of the most important Windows updates of the last decade to unlock greater financial opportunities for developers and developers," said Nadella.

According to rumors, the Windows 11 app store is expected to be released with improved design, better performance and support, and new policies for developers. For example, developers will now be able to submit desktop programs (Win32) to the store.

This move could bring popular applications like Google Chrome and Firefox.

Third-party applications can be updated directly through the store, but it would be possible for interested developers to have the updates in their applications using their own content delivery network.

Unlike the Google Play Store or Apple Store, the upgraded Microsoft Store also allows developers to use their own payment system for in-app purchases. Microsoft will not make money from these sales because it wants to promote its store as an open platform for everyone.

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