New, stylish 8TB SSD from SanDisk after its last failure

SanDisk wants to make you forget about its last failure in SSD drives and brings a new, stylish external drive of 4 and 8 TB to the market.

sandisk ssd desk drive

SanDisk, part of the Western Digital group, brings to the market the SanDisk Desk Drive external SDD disks, with a capacity of 4 and 8 TB, and promises speed, reliability and plenty of storage space.

Given the company's troubled recent history, anything from WD or SanDisk requires a warning. The company's reputation has taken a hit because not long ago some SSD products had problems and lost data.

The return to the new Desk Drive tries to catch the eye again with a futuristic design that looks like a flying saucer. Available in 4TB and 8TB capacities, with both sizes having the same dimensions. The Desk Drive is 99mm wide and 40mm high. It weighs 268 grams.

The company says the new Desk Drive is ideal for users with a lot of photos and videos, and says it's also an easy way to back up files while maintaining fast local access.

It promises read speeds of up to 1.000 MB/s, which is fast enough for standard SSD devices. The unit has a USB-C (USB 3.2 Gen 2) connector for data transfer and is powered via a separate power cable port. It also has a Kensington security slot.

Its prices have not yet been announced by the Greek stores. That is stated on the company's official website it is obviously retail price and its actual price will be a bit less.

Overseas the 4 TB version is currently available for $380 and the 8 TB size for $700. While 8TB is already plenty, Western Digital says it's working on a 16TB Desk Drive, which it expects to arrive "by next year." The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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