New Media Player for Windows 11

Microsoft Continues to Upgrade Ancient Applications to Windows 11. Following the release of the redesigned Clock, Photos, and Snipping Tool, Microsoft brings a new Media Player for Windows Insiders. The news is available for testing on the Dev channel.

The new Media Player for Windows 11 will replace the old one with a major Groove Music update.

Microsoft also wants the new application to replace the classic one Windows Media Player, although the latter will remain available in the Windows Tools folder for some time.playback music

Microsoft believes that many people like the old type of Windows applications and for this reason, the company decided to keep the old Paint with Windows Media Player.

Media Player for Windows 11 also marks the return of a universal application for playing and managing music and videos. Current fixed versions of Windows 10 and 11 have separate applications for music (Groove Music) and video (Movies and TV).

In addition to integrating two applications into one, the new Media Player brings a modern user interface. The music playback display shows the album cover as well as additional photos of the artist.

The application also supports CompactView which allows you to keep a small player window above other applications.

It should be noted that the new Media Player for Windows 11 is a public preview, which means that you may experience some errors.

Microsoft is already aware of an error preventing playback from networking, as well as errors that may affect the processing of an album's metadata, or the sorting of the contents of a library that contains accented tracks.

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