Net neutrality end! Together with the end of Bitcoin?

Net Neutrality: FCC head Ajit Pai has managed. The attack on internet neutrality has been successful.

Pai has managed to kill the Internet as we know it, and we will now be discussing online fast-track and paid levels that will give priority to Comcast's Hulu.

Net Neutrality

Of course, we have not yet begun to discuss the consequences at macroeconomic level.

For example, what does the end of net neutrality mean for encryption like Bitcoin?

Marvin Ammori, legal advisor to the group Fight for the Future said on the Motherboard and broadcasts TNW:

The average person uses Coinbase to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. It is the middle exchange and of course if someone wants it it can block it very easily. If Comcast is the monopoly provider of a website, he could decide that there is a preferred Bitcoin exchange.

Let's see what that means. It is only from this statement (which is hypothetical at the moment) that we can already detect a whole lot of problems with Bitcoin, Ethereum and countless other cryptobodies.

Internet service providers will be able to decide (or change the route under some government pressure) to effectively end the encryption, ban access to deposits, or stop the operation of popular (and trusted) exchanges.

This will leave very few choices to the cricket friends, as the services that remain will be monitored and controlled. Thus, they will be totally unreliable for the main features of cryptosmodes, such as anonymity for example.

Or another interesting scenario:

Internet service providers could decide to issue their own currencies and give priority to their own transactions through approved bureaux.

Comcoin, for example, could buy the new "Platinum Tier" Internet package that offers speed to 130 sites. So larger exchanges could buy high-speed packages to maintain good times, and more security (theoretically) in transactions.

Smaller today's bureaus and perhaps more reliable could never have fast internet hubs.

Or maybe nothing can happen. But I would not be willing to bet on it, no matter what the promoter promises.

We have heard a lot of promises about cheap tariffs, and incredibly high speeds.

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