Internet fast, fair and open under the law

The following article shows that when many are interested, they can win the great interests of Internet companies.

FCC-netneutral internetYesterday The FCC has confirmed to protect the open Internet, and the general feeling of those who participated in the protests (among them about Internet Neutrality was the relief for victory.

Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), said:

"The Internet is very important to enable broadband providers to make the rules. So today, after a decade of open and lengthy discussions, we finally have legally viable rules to ensure that the Internet remains fast, fair and open. ”

This is probably the essence of the whole internet talk about neutrality. Keeping an Internet "fast, fair and open" away from the full control of ISPs is of the utmost importance, as we cannot entrust the protection of the open Internet to providers who have a financial interest.

Neutrality of the Internet, also called open Internet, is based on a principle: everyone is equal in the movement of the Internet, without discrimination and with no exceptions.

This means that links to Internet they can not be put on hold because they spend more time than others on surfing, gaming, can not be put on hold because someone uses more bandwidth than someone else because they download files. It also means that Internet companies can not decide that a content provider will be able to use more bandwidth than someone else, as happened last year with Netflix.

Remember that initially, the proposed agreement by Tom Wheeler included all of the above, which was a disagreement with many people. About 4 million comments (against any person in charge) were received by the FCC and Barack Obama had to intervene asking the Commission to protect the open Internet and not the financial interests of ISPs.

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