Netflix: tries advertisements between episodes

Netflix is ​​reportedly testing a new one which inserts commercial videos between episodes of the shows you watch. Of course many of the who participated in the company's tests, were outraged.

Unlike some streaming services, such as The Roku Channel, which offers free with ads, Netflix charges for everything, because nobody likes ads interrupting the program.Netflix

According to TechCrunch, Netflix is currently testing displaying ads that will show their own series between episodes. Lucky ones who did not want to "experiment" say that after the end of an episode, a Netflix Original video is shown. But the company gives the user the right to bypass it.

Although these video ads can be bypassed, they are still an unnecessary addition to one which is already paid. Ad-free shows are one of the main reasons to subscribe to Netflix.

Netflix, on the other hand, said: "We're trying to see if suggestion between episodes helps members discover new episodes faster. It's important to note that a member is able to bypass the video at any time if they are not interested. ”

Netflix said it is conducting "Hundreds of trials each year to help it better understand what helps its members find what they can easily watch."
So the company believes that video promos will help you "find something you like faster."

Netflix's intentions of course may be very different, however, as the company spends a lot of money on producing new shows.
But after complaints about social networks, and from various publications, tests will probably stop. However, the service is bound to continue to push users to attract more to watch more Netflix Originals.

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  1. The "proposals" are the advertisements, the "institutions" are the usurers, the "agreements" are the memoranda.
    My kid, do you say I did not learn Greek or go to make us forget what we knew?
    I know. Do you agree and even from "or" and below.
    However, by agreeing, not us the readers here but the whole thinking world, no work is done since, as long as we agree, the others do their chores (to our detriment).
    A breakthrough should be done, on a large scale, all over the world, so that we can go back to the human road and not to the consumer.

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