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  1. Let's put another parameter in the game. Personally, having personally tested their platform, I have the following to say:
    As a platform it is really practical, with easy-to-use and smart design and facilities (eg related movies you watch, suggestions, etc.).

    However, as content, I consider it far below average, since in fact - at least in Greece, since I do not know what is happening in other countries of the platform - it does not have such a rich and modern theme for someone who knows what he wants and knows what " plays ”in the specific market.
    Some call it "garbage", meaningless and indifferent, some others and so on.
    "Practice" for those who do not know from tor, Vpv and their companions in srt, etc…

    However, I will disagree slightly with the last part of the publication, according to which: "it is difficult to imagine that Netflix will constantly allow this money leak".

    I repeat that, MY PERSONAL assessment is that it does not go to cut the purchase of 4 codes from me and the distribution of 3 to parents, or even friends, with a similar sharing of monthly expenses, but the "sale of login codes" in Chinese stores where, with Impressive minimum charges per 6 months (compared to the official company), you can get 3-4-5 licenses with high quality image.

    A search for the subject in a Chinese store, but AFTER someone who wants to look for it logs in to it, will confirm the truth of my statement.

    So I think this is going to hit and not the average viewer, where, in the end, the parameter is not mentioned (if I remember correctly) that "whoever buys 4 licenses, should use them inside, inside and on them" …

    By the way, Happy Lent around the world.

    Υγ. Do not fly a kite from the balcony as it circulates through pollen,… virus…

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