Netflix charges for additional accounts

Sharing Netflix accounts with friends and family is very common and obviously the company is well aware of it.

Because there are so many, the company wants to make the most of the account sharing option. This can lead to additional charges for those who have access to an account other than the owner.


"We've always made it easy for people living together to share their Netflix account, with features like separate profiles and lots of streaming in the Standard and Premium packages. Although the idea is extremely popular, there is some confusion about when and how a Netflix account can be shared. "So the bills are split between households - affecting our ability to invest in amazing new TV and movies for our members." he says Netflix.

So the company is considering launching a trial model from Chile, Costa Rica and Peru that will have options that allow users to add an extra member or transfer the profile to a new account.

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"Standard and Premium members will be able to add sub-accounts for up to two people they do not live with - each with their own profile, personalized offers, login and password - at a lower price: 2.380 CLP in Chile , 2,99 USD in Costa Rica and 7,9 PEN in Peru ", reports Netflix.

"Basic, Standard, and Premium members will be able to allow their account-sharing people to transfer their profile to either a new account or an Extra Member sub-account - keeping track of my viewing history, my list and personalized suggestions."

The company has not made decisions about all the Netflix accounts that are shared worldwide, but it is clear where it is going. It 's just a matter of time.

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