Netflix we just received the first code sharing email

In the morning we mentioned that Netflix will start blocking shared accounts outside the same house from today Thursday (20/07/23).


Μόλις τώρα λάβαμε το πρώτο email από την streaming , το παραθέτουμε παρακάτω ως έχει:

Hi giorgos,
Ο λογαριασμός σας στο Netflix προορίζεται για εσάς και τα άτομα που μένουν μαζί σας — το you.
You can easily watch Netflix on the go and when you travel — whether from your personal devices or from a hotel or rental TV.
To manage how your account is used, you can:
Check who's using your Netflix. Δείτε ποιες συσκευές ει συνδεδεμένες με τον λογαριασμό σας. Log out of devices who should not have access to your account and change your password.
If someone outside your household uses this account, you can:
Transfer a profile. Anyone in your account can to transfer a profile to a new subscription that he is paying for.
We know you may have questions. In the Help Center you will find detailed information.
Thank you for choosing Netflix. We appreciate your preference and look forward to bringing you even more amazing TV shows and movies.
The Netflix team The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...


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  1. Now they just put these rules in place to restrict VPN usage (and new accounts created of course.)
    However, this is ONLY for TVs. Mobile and portable devices in general (tablets, laptops, etc.) will have no problem tracking. As for the TVs, there is no problem there either, once a month you just have to connect to Netflix with your mobile from the same wifi that the "main location" is connected to and then do the same from home that you have always seen (something like checking in) and there is no problem.
    Since you can't go once a month to the main location, then you can either change the main location to your own (as long as you own the account of course :P) 1 clicks on your netflix profile is a tangible way to get help (this will of course limit access to those who were watching from the TV at home where the main location was located) or of course create your own account :).

  2. Time to trash netflix. He told me to declare yesterday the point I will see, so I also canceled the card from the site. I will subscribe elsewhere.

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