Netgear: & genie = 1 in the URL and you have access to each router

If you are using a Netgear router in your home or elsewhere, it is probably time to upgrade the firmware… The manufacturer has just released a tsunami of patches for many of the models it manufactures and is affected by.

Vulnerabilities were identified by Martin Rakhmanov Trustwave, The researcher spent more than a year chasing vulnerabilities in Netgear's firmware.Netgear

Updates have been released, and you will be able to install them as soon as possible before bots and botnets start using them. Instructions on how to apply the updates are included in company websites.

Let's see what happened:

About Netgear's 17 routers have remote URL bypasses. This means that any malicious user or malware can access your device's configuration page.

The most important thing is that anyone can access without having a password. How;

By simply adding the characters & genie = 1 at the end of the URL.

So bad news for any portal that has remote access enabled, as anyone on the internet can take advantage of the vulnerability and take ownership of the router. This can change DNS settings, redirect browsers to malicious sites and more.

Do not wait: Directly upgrade your Netgear firmware.

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