Netrunner 21.01 XOXO Dedian with the latest LTS kernel

21.01 is an update to the Netrunner Linux distribution based on the Debian "fixed" channel, but with the latest LTS (long-term support) kernel.

The Netrunner team announces the release of Netrunner 21.01 "XOXO". This version is based on the current Debian 10.7 (Buster) and comes with better support for modern hardware because it uses the Linux kernel 5.9.15 from the Debian backports repo.

Netrunner 21.01 contains all the latest Debian security updates and a beautiful new wallpaper showing the code name of this version.

With Debian backports repo enabled, we provide updated firmware for WiFi and ethernet chips, as well as improved printer drivers that allow support for modern hardware.

Firefox-ESR and Thunderbird have been updated to the latest firmware versions of LTS, which receive regular security updates provided by the Debian security team. "

Read it release announcement for more information and screenshots.

Download (SHA256):

netrunner-desktop-2101-64bit.iso (2,624MB, torrent sites). The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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