Brain loss and loss of memory and intelligence due to neurological trauma and head injury or Alzheimer's disease caused by aging with gears and cogs in the shape of a human face showing cognitive loss and thinking function.

Neurocase: After the dentist remembers only the last 90 minutes!

In one which was recently published in the scientific journal , clinical psychologist Gerald Burgess from the University of Leicester he describes the case of a man who, after a visit to the dentist, was left with a memory of 90 minutes.

38-time, who has asked to remain anonymous, can no longer form memories and can only remember things from the last 90 minutes. In simple terms, his brain is like resetting every one and a half hours.

Neurocase Brain Neurocase Neurocases

"From a radiotherapy visit, during which a local anesthetic was given, the person can not remember anything for more than 90 minutes," says expert Gerald Burgess at Neurocase.

His personality is the same, he knows who he is and has no trouble remembering events that happened before his visit to the dentist. Every morning he wakes up thinking he is the date of his appointment with the dentist.

Psychologist Gerald Burgess reports that the 38-year-old patient has been living for a decade with 90-minute memories. He manages to remember with the help of an electronic diary and with .

In his work on this strange affair, the specialist at the University of Leicester reports that he has undergone many tests, but doctors have not found any evidence of damage to his brain. In other words, the brain of man seems to be intact and completely functional.

Previous research has shown that damage to the diencephalon or hippocampus can impair memory. But also the areas of the patient's brain, along with everything else, appear to be functioning normally.

The "patient" is perfectly fit and does not suffer from a health problem that can affect memory, so this case has made psychologists and specialists look at the ceiling.

Hoping to solve this strange case of memory loss, researcher Gerald Burgess and his colleagues are looking for collaborators who may be aware of another person experiencing the same symptoms.

Experts believe that they should document these symptoms and another patient to compare their medical records with those of 38ron to see if they can understand what causes them. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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