The Greek Linux operating antiX has reached the 16.1 version

antiX 16.1: Straight from Thessaloniki the Greek developers of the GNU operating system / antiX just yesterday announced a new release of the distribution: stable antiX 16.1.antiX 16.1

According to the publication notes published in the official its website antiX OS by one of its creators called anticapitalista, it seems that developers do not want to have anything to do with the next-generation systemd init system as with any other GNU / Linux operating system that adopts it.

Looking deeper into the new version of the antiX 16 operating system, we can see that it is based on the new GNU/Linux 8.7 Jessie (released before from a few days), Linux 4.4.10 customized with fbcondecor splash. 4.3 kernel.

The new version of the operating system comes with two new tools, live-usb-maker and live-kernel-updater, which allow you to create an antiX Live USB disk.

AntiX 16.1 “Berta Cáceres” comes in the usual flavors:

the antiX-full with IceWM as windows manager, along with Fluxbox, JWM (Joe's Window Manager) and Herbstluftwm, antiX-base with Fluxbox as the default window manager, but also JWM and Herbstluftwm, and antiX-core-libre without X11.

If you are interested in the "Greek" operating system you can download them antiX 16.1 ISO images in 32 and 64-bit architectures from the following links:

The links below are from the ftp server of the University of Crete.

antiX-16.1_386-base.iso 16-Jan-2017 16:52 518M
antiX-16.1_386-core-libre.iso 16-Jan-2017 19:15 200M
antiX-16.1_386-full.iso 16-Jan-2017 17:52 697M
antiX-16.1_x64-base.iso 16-Jan-2017 17:15 503M
antiX-16.1_x64-core-libre.iso 16-Jan-2017 19:26 200M
antiX-16.1_x64-full.iso 16-Jan-2017 19:00 680M

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