And Xiaomi hides the front camera behind the screen

New technology for the front camera from the companies Oppo and Xiaomi. They hide it behind the screen, which now occupies the entire front of a smartphone.


Just a few hours after revelation of the company Oppo with the front camera hidden behind the screen of a mobile phone and Xiaomi has released its own new technology. Xiaomi President Lin Bin gave a video on Weibo (later was also posted on Twitter) with the Xiaomi Mi 9 having the front camera completely hidden behind the phone screen.

It is not entirely clear how Xiaomi's new technology works. The The Phone Talks notes that Xiaomi has recently applied for a patent that appears to refer to a similar functionality, which uses two screen views that can and do alternate to allow light to pass through the camera sensor.

Although Xiaomi's original phone seems to be working, there is still no information on when the phone will debut in the market.

In March, the company posted another new technology on Weibo that related to her upcoming foldable phone, but two months later has not yet given specific details about the device.



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