These will be the new emoji for 2019

A set of 59 new emoji has just been approved by Unicode Consortium, which means you will see them on all platforms that support it.


Of the 59 new emojis (230 if you include all the differences in gender and skin color) a large part are about people with disabilities. You will also see new animals (from dogs to badgers), food, sports and many other items.

People with disabilities will be able to try a nice variety of emoji for them (wheelchairs, mechanical arms and legs, guide dogs, etc.), although of course this can not be easily exhausted (for example, it does not represent a learning disability or mental illness etc).

These images, as usual, are just samples. The final emoji to be used depend on your device or service. However, since these were suggested by Apple, and plus that Apple is a popular platform for emoji use, you can probably expect that these will be pretty much the end ones.

There are many other useful things that are added as well. Animals such as dogs, otters, slugs, orangutans, badgers and flamingos. Some delicious foods such as waffles, falafel and butter, some sports related items such as skydives, scuba diving etc.

There is support for people of different colors and genders, ie every emoji depicting a person comes in a male - female - genderless version, as well as in different skin colors (black, white, red, yellow, etc.). The latest addition is a sexless pair held by hand, with the full set of color variations.

You will have to wait a while to see them. Unicode reports that the new emojis "typically" arrive from September to October, or about when Apple and Google release major OS updates. You may have to wait even longer if the manufacturer of your Android device does not provide immediate updates.

You can browse the Complete list of new emoji from here. See also a related video from emojipedia below:

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