New zero day: Turn off Flash Player immediately

Adobe announced today an emergency update only to be released on Thursday June 16. The upcoming patch will set a zero-day (where else?) In Flash Player, which is currently being used for targeted attacks.

Flash Player
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According to Anton Ivanov and Kaspersky's Costin Raiu, vulnerability is already being used in targeted attacks.

The vulnerability identifier registered for this zero-day is CVE-2016-4171, and Adobe reports that it affects both Flash Player and earlier versions running on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS.

Flash Player is the latest version of the company. This means that zero-day affects all Flash-based systems.

The vulnerability helps an attacker crash a Flash Rlayer installation in an unsafe manner, which then allows him to run malicious code on the victim's system and take charge of its management.

If you are using Flash Player, immediately disable the application, or plugin, until at least the Adobe ch patch is released…

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