Gmail: Allows video streaming through your email

Gmail users will soon be able to enjoy a new feature that will allow them to watch videos directly from their emails.

Google makes every effort to offer new features to all of its services and this time it was the company's email order. The latest update allows users to watch videos through Gmail using the same streaming infrastructure available on YouTube and Google

The new feature will only work if you are sending small videos because, as everyone knows, Gmail only allows attachments up to 25MB. So imagine if the video is of high quality, 25MB is too small volume. However, larger files are automatically sent to Google Drive anyway, which means they can be transmitted regardless of whether or not Google Mail supports this feature.

The change obviously targets the smaller clips you want to share with your friends and family.

So today you will no longer need to download the attachment to see it, which can save you more time.

"Today, we're releasing an upgrade to the desktop of Gmail users that makes previewing attachments in Gmail much smoother and faster. Previously, in order to view an attachment video in Gmail, you had to download it to your computer and open it with a media player. As of today, when you open an email with video attachments, you will see a thumbnail of the video and have the ability to stream through Gmail, ”the post says blog of Google.

Changes may take up to two weeks to see in your Inbox.

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