New Hoax: “If someone calls you from +375602605281”

In the last few days, the following message is being circulated everywhere:


If someone calls you on your mobile from +375602605281, +37127913091 or any number starting with the number 375, or 371. Making a "ring" and then closing it, thus leaving an unanswered call, the message. If you call after one of these numbers they left you unanswered call you will be charged $ 15 - $ 30 & they can copy your contact list in 3 sec. If you have bank or credit card details on your phone, they can copy them very easily. 375 is the code from Belarus and Afghanistan. 371 is the code for Latvia… Do not answer or call back. PROMOTE & SHARE this with your friends and family.

It circulates on the internet and even from Greek sites that try to inform the world without having crossed the information they publish! Of course, we will not mention what these sites are, but if you "circulate" a lot somewhere you will find them.

The scam is known from the past, see our earlier publication 6-5-2013

[box style = ”black warning shadow”] Caution! if you receive an SMS warning you that you missed a call on your mobile, or if you see a missed call from these numbers +375602605281, +37127913091 or any number starting from 375 or 371 do not call them! [/ box] Brief Analysis
As reported by hoax-slayer reports show that many people have fallen victim to the particular hoax (fraud) that warns of charges with international call charges every call to these numbers.

Detailed analysis
According to the hoax-slayer, this hoax misleads that those who call these numbers, in addition to the direct charge of $ 15 to $ 30, will allow crooks to copy the contact list from the caller's phone and steal any bank information or credit card is stored on the phone (wow!).

The warning contains something that is 100% true, but everything else is extremely misleading and inaccurate. Of course, there are reports that, in recent months, many people have actually received suspicious calls from numbers starting with +375 and +371. It is a code from Belarus and 371 is the country code for Latvia. Depending on the geographical location of each of the victims, those who call the numbers may be charged international call charges, part of which may be paid to fraudsters who make missed calls. And of course when we call abroad we will be charged…

missed-callsHowever, claiming that victims who call back numbers automatically charged with $ 15 to $ 30 are totally unfounded. The amount of $ 15 may be a misinterpretation of reports that some people had paid 15 rupees (about 26 US cents).

In addition, the claim that simply calling numbers totally magically will allow criminals to steal contact lists and financial information from the phone calling them is untrue. To steal these data, criminals will have to enter the phone in some way, and this will obviously require far more than to call a certain number to the owner.

The above post - warning is not only for the hoax… It is also for those who promote and disseminate information without seeking the truth or where they come from and without a trace of critical thinking.

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