New iOS 10.3: Good backup before upgrading. Why;

Apple has just released the iOS 10.3 update. Before installing the new iOS 10.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, make sure you keep a good copy of your data. We are used to saying this before every update, but this time there is a very serious reason.iOS

The new version of iOS 10.3 sounds like a small update, but it contains a really big change. Apple uses this update to change the file system using iPhones and iPads HFS + to Apple's Apple File System.

The Apple File System is a huge improvement over the obsolete (used 30 years) HFS +. It brings new features, such as solid state storage or SSD optimization, powerful encryption, better file storing times (under nanosecond), and many storage-saving enhancements.

With the new file system it is very likely that we will see iPhones with SSDs δίσ in the future.

Apple plans to share the same file system on MacOS, iOS, tvOS, even watchOS.

What else does the new version bring the new version? Read below:

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