Updated Kaspersky Password Manager

Η Lab presented the of Kaspersky Password Manager's “freemium” product. The solution offers users remote access to their passwords through their personal page in the "My Kaspersky" portal, automatic security check for entered passwords, voice control and other useful functions.

Account security is worrying Internet users more than any other aspect of their digital life. Kaspersky Password Manager

According research, 70% of respondents know and are concerned about the possibility to him of, a concern that ranks highest among potential digital threats. Also in second and third place are issues related to account security: malware that steals passwords (69%) and risks to accounts containing financial information (65%). When asked about the type of data that digital criminals could access, users once again said they were most concerned about passwords (50%). Even private photos and videos are less important, with just 24% of respondents concerned about them.

This concern is not unfounded: according to the same survey, 18% of users, ie almost one in five, have been exposed to attempts by digital criminals to period of 12 months. It is significant that, according to the victims themselves, the more often they are hacked simply by guessing the password (40% of cases). This, however, is not surprising when you consider how many users today neglect to create strong passwords and fail to store them securely.

“User behavior is understandable – nowadays, most of us have dozens of different accounts (email, social media, banks, online games, exchange apps etc.). It is difficult to create and remember a strong password for each account. However, there are applications designed for such situations: they can generate strong passwords that are different for each service, store them securely, synchronize them on various devices and automatically enter them into forms on various websites. The user only needs to remember one master password instead of dozens of different passwords. These apps keep your accounts safe and free up memory for other things”, said Elena Kharchenko, Head of Consumer Management of Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Password Manager is such a solution. In addition to the basic features, its update can enter passwords from other similar solutions, generate powerful PC and Mac passwords, and automatically check the passwords entered by users to see if they are safe.

Users of the new Kaspersky Password Manager will also be able to remotely access their passwords through their personal page in the "My Kaspersky" portal, if the application can not be installed or need to enter a password on someone's device elsewhere. Finding the necessary password is now easier than ever with voice control for Google Chrome.

All new features are now available for PC and Mac. In addition, users of the new MacBook Pro can now replace their master fingerprint password.

For more information about the solution and to "download" it version of Kaspersky Password Manager, you can follow the link: https://kas.pr/kpm_pr

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