New Kickass Torrents online from its former members

In July we passed The famous torrent site Kickass Torrents suddenly stopped operating after the arrest of its alleged founder Artem Vaulin. But apparently not everything was lost…

A team of dedicated former members of the site started a reincarnation of the notorious torrent tracker in hopes of bringing him back to his old glamor.

The new Kickass Torrents has begun to work and promises to be fully functional. The site looks identical to its predecessor, but starts with a clean database in the user table. 

But good news is that many of the original staff members are already back and tirelessly raising the content that made it famous.Kickass Torrents

"All the big uploaders are back and sharing tirelessly, before the torrent engines even start. The torrent community will see additions from all the names they know and trust, "said the KATcr team.

Let's say that after the initial closing of the famous website, a heap sprang up mirror sites, but they did not last long.

In addition to mirrors that only aimed at distributing content (let's not forget the ads), there were some malicious people trying to steal personal information or credit card credentials from novice pirates. The team behind the new website reports on the subject:

"To keep our members safe we ​​chose to rebuild and keep only the safe data. Although it took us a long time to rebuild, the security of our community comes first. ”

Check out the new Kickass Torrents page (At this time, the site has difficulty uploading due to traffic volume)

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