The craziest designs of London's new footbridge

London is known for its charming footbridges to facilitate pedestrian crossing over the Thames, which divides the city.bridge plans

The Wandsworth Municipality has promised to build a new bridge linking the Nine Elms area to Wandsworth's Pimlico area. So far, 87 proposals have been filed, and the Gizmodo has published some of the craziest, which we have to confess that they are quite attractive.

At the moment, the City Council has only released the pictures of the proposed projects, and has not mentioned anything about the cost of future construction. However, the bridge will not cost under 65 million dollars.

The raft have emphasized accessibility for cyclists, hence the ramps in many of the plans.

Let's say you are in the City Council and want to vote for the new project. Which project would you vote for?


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