New Mac and upgraded iOS is expected to be presented by Apple at WWDC


Jim Loly, Jim Darlymple, yesterday published his own predictions of what we will see at this year's WWDC. Darlymple has a good forecasting history for Apple for that and perhaps what she said to be valid.

According to Darlymple, there's no way we can see a new iPhone or iPad, but it's very likely we can see new Macs (maybe MacBook Air since they've started to disappear from the market slowly).

Intel is preparing to release its new generation of processors, Haswell, in early June, so expect the next-generation Mac to wear them instead of Ivy Bridge. Apart from the MacBook Air, however, other candidates include MacBook Pro, Mac mini and the much anticipated new Mac Pro.

Darlymple did not say what Mac Apple will present to WWDC, but she said what we can expect from the new iOS 7, and that's not what most people think.

"I personally think Apple will not go as far as some people think", he said. "The way i see the iOS 7 is a modernization of the operating, both visually and functionally, as it has been with so many years on OS X."

As for OS X 10.9, Darlymple said she expected and how to see what Apple has done because users are expecting a deep integration of all of its services for this and predicts that OS X will offer a lot more things than iCloud.

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