The new ARM processors are designed for technical intelligence

In 2018, new ARM processors are expected on the market phones that will be designed to power machines with artificial intelligence (AI)


Η ARM presented at Computex last year a series of smartphones that focused on VR operations. As you will notice, however, AI technology is constantly gaining ground and is one of the major new trends in mobile this year. It's no surprise that ARM is pushing its processors in this direction.

First is the core of the Cortex-A75 processor, of which the company says that can deliver level performance , without consuming more electrical power than existing mobile phone processors. ARM promises a 50 percent increase in performance over the older A73 core, which will be able to hold its own in AI and machine learning processes.

Meanwhile, the ARM CPU A55 is a little less interesting. It definitely looks like a capable upgrade, although it is said to be 2,5 times as effective at strength as the existing A53, a remarkable gain for a middle class CPU.

And then there's the new Mali-G72 graphics core, replacing the G71. ARM says the new GPU is 17 percent more efficient in machine learning processes than the processor it replaces. This is obviously great news for device makers looking to integrate more in them, but let's not forget that the G72 can handle the needs of new games and VR applications just fine.

The only downside to all these announcements? We'll have to wait until 2018 when these processor cores start rolling in that we can actually buy. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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