New Nmap 7.31 Security Scanner

That's it Nmap is a free, open source security scanner used to control network and security.


  • Network inventory
  • managing schedules of the services offered
  • monitoring slot
  • or service uptime


It uses a series of IP packets that are shipped and then collected information from them.

Nmap determines which machines are available on the network, what services or hosts they offer, which operating systems are in progress, what types of firewall are in use, and much more.

The new Nmap 7.31 includes Npcap 0.10r9, which has been upgraded from the 0.10r2 version that came with Nmap 7.30 with raw 802.11 Wi-Fi capture support, comes with an updated Zenmap graphical interface that best displays the hostname in Topology, and improvements to IPv6 fingerprint submission.

Read all the new features and improvements from the following link:

Nmap Changelog

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