New fixed 42 Opera with currency conversion

Opera 42: The new stable version of the browser from Opera Software has been released. The new version brings several improvements and an embedded currency conversion.

Opera Software seems to be trying very hard to innovate. The company has already released several interesting features and improvements for battery-saving, Browser VPN or a built-in ad-blocker that is set directly by the browser.Opera 42

This goes on with Opera in the 42 version, just released on the fixed channel.

Those who already use the browser, and have not received a notification for the update, can from the Menu - About Opera to update to the new version. They can also download the executable directly from the Opera Software website.

The new great feature of Opera 42 is the built-in currency converter. The feature works similar to the add-ons that are released for Firefox, but there is built-in to be available from scratch.

The feature is enabled by default, and works by displaying information on webpages that contain values. The browser converts the amount and then displays it in an overlay of the page.

Change Log

Those who are interested can download the new version from the following links:

Opera (stable)

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