New Opera 67 stable with multiple workspaces

Released it Opera 67 in fixed version, today February 25, 2020. It is available for all supported operating systems as an update of your existing browser or as a new installation.

Its users Opera wishing to go to Opera 67 can do by entering the address Opera: // update so that the update check is performed automatically. The browser will pick up the new version and install it on its own.

Its great new feature Opera 67 is called “Workspaces”. Workspaces are an effort to improve the management of tabs in the browser. Basically, what allows you to do this is to place tabs in different workspaces so that when you go to a workplace you gain simultaneous access to a subset of open tabs.

The Opera 67 displays the workspaces on the left sidebar of the browser. With one click it goes to the selected workspace. Every time you change space you will see a new tabbar load. In fact, if you have already set some tabs in these workspaces with each change of spaces you will see the tabs that belong to this space.

Its users Opera 67 can create up to five different workspaces. This is done by clicking on the sidebar menu (the three dots at the bottom of the sidebar).

There you will also find the option to turn off the feature if you do not want it, or even delete an entire workspace with all the tabs contained in it. It is also possible to rename a workspace and use a different icon from an icon collection for that job.

In addition Opera 67 came with a redesigned option to scroll from one tab to another using the Ctrl-Tab. This way your tabs are displayed as thumbnails on the screen and then you can select the one you want.

There is also a new option to add extensions to the program sidebar. Clicking the "Add More" button in the sidebar opens the browser extension for the browser.

The Opera 67 of course continues to argue free VPN which although completely free is very fast. Last but not least, the pop-out video functionality has been improved with a new next track button.

You can download the latest version of the browser Opera 67 from the company website.

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