The new iPhone will not be called iPhone…. Reputation

A new post from the Taiwan Economic Daily News claims that Apple will release two smartphones, one 4,7 inches and one 5,6 inches. However, this 5.6-inch screen will not be called "iPhone."

iphone 6

The 4,7 smartphone device will feature a Corning Gorilla Glass screen like the previous generation iPhones, and will be assembled on Foxconn.

The 5,6-inch device is said to have a sapphire glass display made by GT Advanced, as rumored. However, the device is described as "experimental" and is not supposed to have the "iPhone" brand name.

"In order to meet the market demand for large screens, Apple plans to release a 5.6-inch smartphone, but the name should not be iPhone."

The website states that the new devices are expected in the third quarter of 2014. As it is known every year at such a time, the rumors about the popular Apple device are passing and passing. Without displaying hardware photos, the rumors remain rumors, which every website uses to collect clicks…

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