New Firefox comes with powerful Private Browsing

New Firefox Add-on! You know that by using private web browsing, your computer or mobile device does not store the data it acquires during browsing, such as history, login, cookies, firefox start-page-small-FINAL

However, the Mozilla Foundation is planning to go one step further to enable real private browsing to the general public.

Mozilla's new Pre-Beta release, Firefox Developer in Windows, Mac and Linux, and Firefox Aurora for Android will launch the new feature.

The new private Firefox feature will not only prevent you from storing your information on your device but will also prevent all web-based trackers from watching your online activities.

A few days ago, the EFF released something similar as an extension of the browser that effectively blocks the websites that collect your data.

The Mozilla Foundation, however, because these trackers are sometimes necessary to run a web page and so sites may not display properly, gives you the option to disable the feature with a click.

You can immediately disable protection by clicking on the shield icon next to the URL bar. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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