Vivaldi's stable 1.4 version was released

Just released a new firm version of Vivaldi browser. Unlike previous major releases, 1.4 does not include many new changes. It contains a wide set of bug fixes, while there are only 3 remarkable features for the end user.


Informing it Vivaldi is a browser created by the same people who built the Opera browser with the "Presto" engine. Version 1.4 includes the following additions.

Schedule subject change
The browser allows you to change the basis of a schedule. The user can program more than one change to the subject. You will find the appropriate option under Settings under Topics.

Variable width for web panel
The Web panel is a unique Vivaldi feature that allows the user to place a web page in the left panel of the browser. Once added, it may appear as a sidebar. Function quite useful if you see a feed, such as Twitter for example. It now has a new "Separate Width" option where you can specify the desired width for a specific panel. It will allow the user to set the optimal width to display the content for each web table separately.

Medium click to restore the last closed tab
With the 1.4 version, the browser offers the ability to restore the last closed tab by middle-clicking on the trash icon.

The complete change log for Vivaldi 1.4 can be viewed here. You can also download Vivaldi 1.4 from home page here.

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