New version of VirtualBox 5.0.16

VirtualBox is a virtualization application which allows users to install and run virtual operating systems inside their computer. The app has just been upgraded to version 5.0.16 bringing several bug fixes. VirtualBox

The VirtualBox along with VMware are the πιο γνωστά for εικονικών υπολογιστών, που στην βασική τους έκδοση μπορείτε να τα κατεβάσετε .

The difference is that now only VirtualBox runs on 32bit systems, since VMware requires you to have both a machine and a functional 64bit.

Oracle, the developer of the program, has just announced its new version, which has hopefully reached 5.0.16 and according to the changelog, includes bug fixes (such as behavioral problems in AMD processors, synchronization of HID LEDs, rare wrinkles at startup, etc.).

In addition, the computer speaker works on Linux systems. You can download the new version from official website here or for better scenic environment from here. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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