Get ready for the new Winamp beta

The application Winamp was definitely one of the best players on Windows systems. Unfortunately, the project began to lose its popularity when AOL changed its application management policies.

So the popular application got a Pro version that was not free when the program UI is to be improved for many years. In 2013 the application stopped releasing new versions. However, something began to appear on the horizon.
As soon as everything looks, we'll see a new version of the WinAmp app. WinAmp 5.8 Beta is being prepared by the new owners of the project.

Unfortunately, the developer team is not big, but it seems to be enough to see another version of WinAmp!

Eddy Richman from the original Winamp team as you will see in the tweet below continues developing the popular app trying to keep our favorite player alive.

Some details of development have already been known. WinAmp will probably be released as a 100% free application, without the Pro version with all its features unlocked.

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