Wireshark 1.12.5 is the best network protocol analyzer

New Wireshark 1.12.5. Wireshark is a freeware tracking tool. It can help you troubleshoot, analyze the network and develop networking programs.Wireshark 1.12.5

Wireshark has deservedly earned the title of the best network protocol analyzer. It offers to the means to capture the movement that runs in one computers or in some , interactively. The app has just been updated to version 1.21.5.

Wireshark developers released the little update to fix several issues. There are no new features, as it is just a maintenance release.

According to the changelog, the of Wireshark fixes all seven που είχαν εντοπιστεί στα LBMR, WebSocket, WCP, X11, και IEEE 802.11 dissectors, καθώς και στον αναλυτή αρχείων and the packet reassembly code.

Many bugs were fixed, such as a crash that would occur during the ap of the option “Update list of packets in real time.”

Wireshark 1.12.5 Bug Fixes

  • wnpa-sec-2015-12

    The LBMR dissector could go into an infinite loop. (Bug 11036) CVE-2015-3808 CVE-2015-3809

  • wnpa-sec-2015-13

    The WebSocket dissector could recur excessively. (Bug 10989) CVE-2015-3810

  • wnpa-sec-2015-14

    The WCP dissector could crash while decompressing data. (Bug 10978) CVE-2015-3811

  • wnpa-sec-2015-15

    The X11 dissector could leak system. (Bug 11088) CVE-2015-3812

  • wnpa-sec-2015-16

    The packet reassembly code could leak memory. (Bug 11129) CVE-2015-3813

  • wnpa-sec-2015-17

    The IEEE 802.11 dissector could go into an infinite loop. (Bug 11110) CVE-2015-3814

  • wnpa-sec-2015-18

    The Android Logcat file parser could crash. Discovered by Hanno Böck. (Bug 11188) CVE-2015-3815

See all the changelog

You can download the new fixed version (Wireshark 1.12.5) from the links below


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