New YIFY torrent site appeared. Is YTS?

New YIFY; Following the developments in recent days, the online community who prefers to make it for free, lost two major players.

Popcorn Time officially announced its closure, alongside the launch of Project Butter, an alternative streaming service that is supposed to be legal.YIFY Torrents

For, or, here and there several days white pages.

A reddit post says that the popular torrent site is offline due to DDoS attacks and will remain offline for a few days, or perhaps even a week.

[-]easiertordot2 67 point

Hello everybody, We are working on it at YTS. We got Dosed. We will be back in a few days maybe even a week. So we're sorry for all of us at YTS. Thank you for your cooperation.

Meanwhile, a new page appeared, appearing at least as In its domain it uses the old name of the YYFY group, but nobody knows who the administrators are.

You can see the page from the link at the end of the publication.

The site seems to be functional, but there are no new titles in the latest torrents.

The trackers they use, as you will see in the picture below, are open and do not belong to the site, except that makes redirect to that does not say anything about whether or not they belong to them. The YTS tracker is also open, meaning that anyone who wants it can use it.

Let's say the ads on this site are quite aggressive. So if you proceed to explore it, do it at your own risk.

We believe that since there is no official announcement from the YTS team, this is another fake site that aims to collect clicks and profit collection.

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