Biological Assault Simulation in New York Metro

SubwayA colorless and odorless gas will flood the streets and metro stations in its five flats in July New York -It is an exercise on the possibility of a terrorist attack with chemical or biological weapons.

As reported by the New York police, exercise will use harmless gases called perfluorocarbons. Their course within the metro tunnel and street level will be recorded with 200 sensors, under the supervision of the National Laboratory Brookhaven.

A representative of the lab explained to the New York Times that the metro tunnels affect the flow of air on the surface and vice versa. The data collected in the exercise will help authorities decide which subway stations should be closed in case of an attack or chemical accident.

The exercise will take place over three consecutive days in July. The audience will be informed one day earlier with signs that will explain what is going on to avoid panic.


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