New York Times: Greek government gives Intellexa export licenses for Predator

Extensive and detailed New York Times report (another one) presents new dimensions of the wiretapping scandal in Greece.

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So, according to the report in question, which is signed by three journalists, the Greek government admitted (after a related question from the American media) that it gave Intellexa licenses so that it could sell the Predator software to a third country.

The news, according to the newspaper, was confirmed by Alexandros Papaioannou, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also emphasized that a department of the Ministry issued two export licenses on November 15, 2021.

He also confirmed that the ministry's inspector general has begun an internal investigation following the reports.

This country, according to the report, is Madagascar, a country where all kinds of conflicts have taken place.

The Times also claims to have been informed of a business proposal filed by Intellexa in Ukraine to sell software products. This proposal was rejected, as is typically reported.

The above reports of the New York newspaper, one of the most authoritative in the world, are of great interest. Intellexa is the company that allegedly markets Predator in Greece.

Despite the fact that the revelations in the Greek and international press present it as such, the relevant control of its offices by the Greek authorities was characteristically delayed. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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