New York Times the wiretapping of Greece

The New York Times reports with an article what is happening in Greece with wiretapping. The title of the article is "Greece To Ban Sale of Spyware After Government Is Accused of Surveillance" or "Greece Will Ban Sale of Spyware After Government Is Accused of Surveillance".predator, government, greek government, iguru

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that Greece will ban the sale of spyware, after his government he was accused in a report that he targeted dozens of prominent politicians, journalists and businessmen for surveillance. Judicial authorities have launched an investigation.

Since the publication of New York Times:

The announcement is the latest chapter in a scandal that erupted over the summer when Mr Mitsotakis admitted that Greece's state intelligence agency had been monitoring an opposition party leader last year using traditional methods. This revelation came after the politician discovered that he had also been targeted with a spyware program also known as Predator.

The Greek government said the wiretapping was legal but never clarified why, and Mr Mitsotakis said it was done without his knowledge. The government also claimed that it does not own or use Predator spyware and insisted that the simultaneous interception and targeting with Predator was a coincidence.” The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

predator, government, greek government, iguru

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