Caution! New 0day in earlier versions of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Microsoft discovered a vulnerability in earlier versions of Internet Explorer (IE) that, when exploited, could give the attacker Administrator rights on the victim's computer.
In a security advisory bulletin issued by last Saturday, Microsoft announced that it is investigating a new zero-day in Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8. Newer IE9 and IE10 editions are unaffected.

The company said the vulnerability allows remote code execution, taking advantage of the fact that "IE continues to access a memory object that has been deleted or not properly allocated."

"An attacker who can successfully exploit this vulnerability could acquire the same user rights as the legitimate user of the system. "Users whose accounts are set to have fewer user permissions on the system are less affected than users who run their operating system with administrator privileges," said Microsoft.

  The ransomware REvil's sites are all down

Once the attacker gains administrator privileges, he could lead the OI to malicious sites to infect the system.

You should always have the latest updates on your system as well as a user account with limited rights. Sincerely, you would not want someone to access your computer and give him admin privileges as a gift.

Use as reliable as possible browsers (Google Chrome is a good solution, at least here) and keep them up-to-date in the latest version.

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