Nikola Tesla prediction of drones from 1898

Nikola Tesla was so ahead of his time that today there is an automaker with his name on it. In addition to his contribution to alternative current electrical systems, the inventor also provided , The , και προφανώς τα μη επανδρωμένα σκάφη ή , which he believed could cause the destruction of humanity.drone Nikola Tesla

In a patent granted to him on November 8, 1898 o Tesla described an invention that did not require or electrical conductors.

Nikola Tesla's patent was for a meta methodς “σκαφών” από την “παραγωγή κυμάτων, ή ακτινοβολίες που λαμβάνονται μέσα από τη γη, το , or the atmosphere ”which can reach the object as long as it“ remains within an active area. ”Nikola Tesla

So the inventor was talking about the radio waves, which were still relatively new at the time the patent was issued (1867 was first introduced and 1890 was used in communications).

He describes them as "electrical oscillations that do not follow a specific conductive path, but propagate in straight lines through space."

The patent, entitled "Method Of And Apparatus For Controlling Mechanism Of Moving Vessels Or Vehicles", also describes Tesla's predictions for drone wars, and states that it will bring peace between nations because of its "certain and unlimited destructiveness." ”

Tesla's patent and claims were first reported on the Internet by technologist Matthew Schroyer when he published quotes and a patent scan on Twitter.

It is worth noting that Nikola Tesla predicted the dynamics of drones more than a century before unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAVs) were used in the so-called war on terror. The US alone has killed thousands of people in drone blows.

The first unmanned aircraft used in war, or more specifically, the first unmanned, remote-controlled aircraft was invented in the First World War. It was called Kettering Bug and it was a bomb that carried a biplane that could fly on a predetermined path to a target. The project was not perfected until the end of the war. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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