How much was the last Nikon One sold?

To buy a historical piece you have to spend too much. The oldest Nikon camera that still exists (the world's only one) was sold for 406.000 dollars at an auction held in Austria.

So after years it has become the most expensive camera ever made by the company.

The device is said to be the third camera manufactured by Nikon in April of 1948 but still wears its original F2 Nikkor H. It also features the original and extremely rare case with a double strap.

As stated in the box on the machine, it was made "in occupied Japan" (see the picture at the end of the post).nikon

The camera was originally released just like Nikon, but later it was named "Nikon One" after the addition of "M" and the "S" models later released by the Japanese company.

Below you will find some photos of the wonderful antique.

Initially Nikon One was rated by the House for about 190.000 dollars, although the bids opened with 95.000 dollars. Later they reached the final amount of 406.000 dollars including, various fees and premiums.

The sale took place at the auction organized by WestLicht Photographica in Austria. The Austrian House has managed to collect a collection containing antique 600 cameras, lenses and photo accessories, including two amazing Leica guns, as well as a beautiful Leica M3 camera.

See the WestLicht Photographica auction list from the link below

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