Nintendo repairs defective Joy-Cons for free, even out-of-warranty ones

Nintendo is now offering free repairs to faulty Joy-Cons across Europe, regardless of warranty status.

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On a support page on Nintendo's UK website, the company states that it will repair Joy-Cons that have a problem even from normal use for free in the UK, Switzerland and all European Union countries, namely Greece and Cyprus .

It's not unusual as Nintendo has offered free repairs for out-of-warranty Joy-Cons in North America, Latin America and France, so it's just now extended its policy to the countries mentioned above.

However, there is some fine print. As Nintendo says it may "refuse to provide repairs" for stick slip caused by third-party accessories if it was caused by accidental damage, or if the controller has been "opened, modified or repaired" by anyone not authorized by Nintendo .

It says this offer is only available "until further notice," so it probably won't be around forever. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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